Our services

Survey 3Di specialises in the provision of Dimensional Control Surveys and Laser Scanning data capture services.


Dimensional Control Survey

Accurate 3D measurement to support the execution of complex engineering design and build strategy.

Laser Scanning.png

Laser Scanning

A specialist survey process which allows the mass capture of as-built data, providing ‘real time’ as-built information, effectively bringing the ‘job’ to an individual’s desktop.



Crown Block/Dolly Guide Rail Alignment surveys

Topside Settlement surveys

Subsea Xtree Manifold Asbuilt Surveys

Tank/Pipework Ovality surveys

Pressure Vessel As-built Surveys

Closing spool surveys

Jacket/Topside/Module As-Built surveys

Caisson Ovality/straightness surveys

Structural surveys

Repair Order/Anomaly surveys