What is Laser Scanning?

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A specialist survey process which allows the mass capture of as-built data, providing ‘real time’ as-built information, effectively bringing the ‘job’ to an individual’s desktop.

The ‘mass capture’ process utilises state of the art 3D laser scanners with bespoke software to allow computation of results into ‘point clouds’. This information is then accessible via various CAD software packages.

Using the ‘point cloud’ a 3D as-built CAD model can be produced reflecting ‘as installed’ As-built conditions of plant such as Piping, Structural, HVAC, Cable Trays, Equipment etc.

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Typical applications for Laser Scanning


Feed Studies


Safety Reviews


Pre-Job Analysis

Detail Engineering Design (Multi-Discipline)


Constructibility Reviews


Safety Case Reviews

Clash Validation


Development of Scaffold/Rigging/Lifting Plans




  • Minimise visits to site / Offshore Installations as part of the Project gathering stage.

  • Bring the Job to Your Desktop.

  • Provide Contractor with an accurate scope to bid ITT.

  • Remove the reliance on out of date documentation Drawings when developing the Project scope.


  • Improved Project Cost and Schedule against traditional methods of working

  • Provides “real time” Asbuilt Data to allow accurate development of Project Budget and Schedule.

  • Removes unnecessary, multiple site visits by capturing Data as part of a controlled, planned 1 x site visit.

  • Provides real time asbuilt data removing the need to rely on out of date uncontrolled documentation.

  • Provides real time tool for safety case/hazop studies and subsequent necessary procedures and controls to be set in place.

  • Provides real time tool to enable case by case, item by item shutdown/decommissioning strategy.

  • Provides easy access for all disciplines to develop scopes of work.