What is Dimensional Control Survey?


Dimensional Control Survey is the provision of accurate 3D measurement to support the execution of complex Engineering Design and Build projects.

The use of Dimensional Control Survey within any Project Cycle allows the removal of outdated practices and inclusion of innovative Design and Build sequences.

Hot Work can be replaced with Mechanical Joints and associated testing, painting activities undertaken offsite.

The need for Mock-up/Trial Fits are removed, thus streamlining the Build and Construction phases of any Project.

Typical application for Dimensional Control Survey



Dimensional Control surveys throughout the Project cycle will reduce Hook-Up activities, maximise offsite activities and minimise onsite build requirements. Dimensional Control Surveys as part of a Quality Surveillance program will ensure critical Structural Interface areas are fabricated to Clients specification, thus removing Project risks.


Inclusion of Dimensional Control will guarantee a clash free,“first time fit”at site for all piping / structural scopes of work.


Inclusion of Dimensional Control for “like for like” replacement. i.e : replacement of corroded / eroded pipespools, handrails, grating panels, pipe supports, HVAC ducting etc.


Why use Dimensional Control?


Enhanced Safety

Minimising traditional site working practices by transference of recognized site activities to controlled Fabrication facilities.

Improved Schedule

Increasing offsite works focus to controlled environments result in a reduction of the more traditional site build activities such as rigging, welding, testing and associated indirect activities.

Reduced Project Cost

By implementation of Survey strategy and strict build control, offsite works can be maximised whilst reducing onsite activities and mitigating unplanned activities.