Artificial Man made Islands are to be constructed to accommodate Oil production and processing facilities capable of generating 750,000 bopd


The islands will not have the capacity to accommodate thousands of personnel expected for this type of EPC. The strategy is to Modular build off site, reducing traditional working practices and personnel at site.


Introduction of Dimensional Control Survey techniques and the embracing by the Project of these practices allowed for the Build of Modularised packages ,worldwide, in parallel resulting in the removal at site of traditional “double weld” scenarios, replaced with “single weld”.

A similar approach was taken regarding hook up pipework relating to PAUs, with the emphasis being on fully flanged spools, fabricated and tested offsite minimising onsite requirements.

Acceptance and full implementation of the Dimensional Control Survey Strategy aided considerably in the overwhelming success of the Project .


Dimensional Control Survey is the provision of accurate 3D measurement to support the execution of complex Engineering Design and Build projects.


Enhanced Safety

Minimising traditional site working practices by transference of recognised site activities to Fabrication facilities.

Improved Schedule

Increasing offsite works focus to controlled environments result in a reduction of the more traditional site build activities such as rigging, welding, testing and associated indirect activities.

Reduced Project Cost

By implementation of Survey strategy and strict build control, offsite works can be maximised whilst reducing onsite activities and mitigating unplanned activities.