Existing Riser pipework identified for replacement during imminent planned Shutdown.


Shutdown of the Field, 4 Offshore Installations, is required to accommodate the program of work.

The replacement of the existing Pipework is on the Planned Shutdown critical path and the Key Driver for the Fields up time.

The Critical Dimensions needed to fabricate the replacement pipework are not known. Riser Pipework is under deck and not accessible without the erection of scaffold which will take considerable weeks/months to assemble.


Using specially developed Dimensional Control Survey techniques the existing pipework identified for replacement was surveyed remotely from locations strategically positioned around the perimeter of the Platform.

The surveyed results were fast tracked to the Client to allow the offsite Fabrication, testing and painting of Flanged pipework.

The pipework was shipped and fitted offshore during the planned Shutdown with no delays to the planned schedule.


Dimensional Control Survey is the provision of accurate 3D measurement to support the execution of complex Engineering Design and Build projects.


Enhanced Safety

Minimising traditional site working practices by transference of recognised site activities to Fabrication facilities.

Improved Schedule

Increasing offsite works focus to controlled environments result in a reduction of the more traditional site build activities such as rigging, welding, testing and associated indirect activities.

Reduced Project Cost

By implementation of Survey strategy and strict build control, offsite works can be maximised whilst reducing onsite activities and mitigating unplanned activities.

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