Major Rejuvenation Project scheduled for Major Gas Processing Plant, UK.


Client has an aggressive schedule set for Detail Engineering, Fabrication and Construction.

The FEED Study needs to provide for an accurate and robust Mutli-Discipline Study that can

be seamlessly adopted by Detail Engineering and moved into Fab/Construct.


Laser scan As-built Survey of the Onshore Plant as part of the FEED study.

Use the As-built data to assist in the accurate development of the FEED study, simplifying the detail design and construction phases of the project.

Utilisation of the As-built Laser scan data by the wider disciplines through the project cycle allowing desktop engineering, removing unnecessary visits to site and driving innovative thinking on how best to deliver the project at site, resulting in increased safety, improved schedule and reduced project cost.


Laser Scanning is a specialist survey process which allows the mass capture of as-built data, providing ‘real time’ as-built information, effectively bringing the ‘job’ to an individual’s desktop.


Mass capture

The ‘mass capture’ process utilises state of the art 3D laser scanners with bespoke software to allow computation of results into ‘point clouds’. This information is then accessible via various CAD software packages.

Point cloud

Using the ‘point cloud’ a 3D as-built CAD model can be produced reflecting ‘as installed’ As-built conditions of plant such as Piping, Structural, HVAC, Cable Trays, Equipment etc.

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